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Our Story

As long time residents of North Vancouver, we have often been flummoxed about the lack of access to local food from the Fraser Valley. Why is most of the produce available at the local shops not offering food from the farms down the road? The majority of food available to us in supermarkets is shipped internationally with few choices to buy local.

This is a problem.

An Instagram story started it all in spring of 2021. What began as a curiosity to look further into an intriguing farm name, Local Harvest, quickly snowballed into a drive to meet the farmers and buy the food they grew. There was no turning back now. This is what we had been looking for, and we knew others would want this kind of connection to their food too.

After a successful launch in fall 2021, Harvest Boxes are our flagship offering. Since 2022 we have partnered with more farms and small businesses in the Fraser Valley to provide even more variety and opportunity to support local. We hope we can nourish you and your family with the bounty of the Valley!

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